Choosing Between Carbon Fiber Shaft and Traditional Wood Shaft

What are the advantages of carbon fiber shafts for billiard cues? This is perfect for a billiard cue holder, since your cue will take plenty of slaps and hits while you are playing. In contrast to other materials and wood, a carbon fiber shaft will usually last much longer.

Unlike other materials, such as wood, which can bend, or plastic, which can break, carbon fiber shafts do not deform or break easily. They do not absorb or change shape over time, so they won't crack or break. Also, compared to plastic and other composite materials, a carbon fiber shaft will generally outlast a set of similarly constructed plastic or composite shafts. Get more info on Svecom safety chucks from Goldenrod Corporation. You will not need to worry about scratching or denting.

How about Durability? The truth is that many cues, including carbon fiber shafts, are very durable and are able to withstand some pretty hard knocks. However, they are nowhere near indestructible. For this reason, many pool players still opt for plastic or composite materials for their cues. However, these cheaper materials often wear down much quicker, leaving them with little use over time.

So, what is a good compromise between durability and budget? The answer is a lightweight ferrule. It is generally less expensive than a carbon fiber shaft, but it will be much more durable. Low-cost does not necessarily mean low quality, however. Indeed, even high-end carbon fiber shafts are not indestructible when struck by a ball with the right power. A low-deflection steel tip may offer low-cost, but will probably not last as long.

Today's pool cues come in a wide variety of weights and lengths and can be made out of many different types of materials. Click here to learn more about Carbon Fiber Shaft Manufacturers. There are now even carbon fiber shafts and steel tips! The shafts themselves are usually made out of lightweight materials like graphite, but there is now a new breed of high-end composite materials that are very light yet extremely durable. This combination of high-end materials and low-cost construction has led to a pool cue shaft that is surprisingly durable and comfortable.

The bottom line is that you should choose your pool cue based on your own personal playing style, as well as what you want to achieve as a player. For example, if you simply want to rack up points, then you will want to get a shaft with a low maximum loft. Likewise, if you want to draw and drop in your ball flight, then a longer fiber will work well. If you are the sort of player who likes to spin the ball around constantly, then getting a "tour" or "speed" tip is an excellent idea. Hopefully this article has given you some helpful tips for choosing between a carbon fiber shaft and a traditional wood shaft, as well as giving you an idea of which tips work best for your game! Learn more from


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